Upcoming Dances

Contra Dance Wednesday, April 23, 2014 in Amherst

At the Masonic Lodge 99 Main Street – Amherst, MA (near the Black Sheep Deli and the Police Station)

Nils Fredland

Calling: Nils Fredland

From 12 year old Izod wearing trombone playing classical music enthusiast, to Indiana University classical trombone major, to green mohawked ska band trombone player, to trombone playing dance caller…Nils is full of surprises.


Music: Nor’easter

“ toe-tappin’, foot-stompin’, shoe-shufflin’, heel-clickin’, booty-shakin’ ”

the fabulous Nor’easter returns to Downtown Amherst. Come hear one of the finest bands in the Northeast with calling by the equally fine Nils Fredland calling. Nils teaches a great beginning workshop so bring your friends at 7 for a great intro to contra dancing.


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